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By: Brent Hanson

8th St Boise, Idaho

Let’s face it; there is nothing worse than sitting in your car, day after day in construction traffic, on a project that seemingly has no end in sight. Boston’s notorious and decades long project, otherwise known as the “Big Dig” epitomized the frustrations that overly-budgeted and undermanaged costly projects can often incur upon the average citizen. So when the Boise, Idaho’s 8th Street construction project began to feel a little too much like the east coast’s “white elephant” even being dubbed with the dubious moniker of the “Boise Hole”, you can bet people have been anxious to get things moving and in a hurry!

But for very patient Boiseans who have waited fifteen years to check for any signs of life in the notorious downtown crater, good signs are on the horizon. As the end is not only in sight, but once completed will enhance Boise’s burgeoning skyline with a modern facelift as well as vibrant restaurants, a fitness center and the future homes of commerce and banking firms.

The ongoing project has not been without its critics and often fraught with other less-successful attempts, yet it appears this last one has actually broke ground and looks less like the unfinished giant erector set that has become an accustomed and vaguely tolerated sight with downtown commuters.  You may have noticed the enormous blue crane swinging around 8th Street and wielding supplies like Megatron’s fusion cannon.  There’s a new motto in town. Can we fix it? Yes, we can!


Indeed, the slowly emerging building is becoming more and more tangible each week and with it, the spirit of progress. Perhaps its newly found success has to do with some rather unusual steps developers have taken this time that actually appear to be far more successful. They’ve even embraced the unique approach of having a Boise State Professor of Native American Studies perform a blessing and cleansing ceremony upon the apparently cursed ground, which may have appeased whatever ‘bad spirit’ might have been lurking around and possibly preventing its ultimate construction.

Whether it was the Native American ceremony or the right combination of talent, management and alignment of the stars, it seems to our disbelieving eyes that the building is actually taking place and Idahoans can once again feel proud to include this additional 400,000 square feet of prime real estate, retail shops and a future community center to the already alluring vibe that only downtown Boise can offer.

No doubt, the building will be a welcomed addition as well as a way to save face from the many years of unsightly weeds, chain link fencing and overwhelming feeling of malaise that the unfinished blight caused upon the trendy and hip Bodo neighborhood.

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Now, all we will need to worry about is finding available parking nearby.


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