A Garden in Your Boise Condo?

By: Brent Hanson

How To Create A Vegetable Garden In Your Condo

Living in a condo doesn’t mean you have to give up gardening. In fact, it’s quite easy to grow your own vegetables and flowers with some containers and a small porch or patio. This is called container gardening. Container gardens are easy to set up and maintain and are a great way to keep fresh vegetables at your fingertips. Here are a few simple tips to help you grow a successful container garden.

  • Start with the right supplies. To get a container garden started in your condo, you will need containers, a growing medium, and your plants. Choose high-quality containers based on which plants you want to grow. Lettuce, peppers, radishes, and herbs will work in a container that is 8 inches deep with a 6-inch diameter. Bushel baskets and wooden tubs are better for larger plants like tomatoes, squash, and pole beans.
  • Plants in containers need adequate drainage. Make sure your containers have drainage holes and line the bottom of the pots with newspaper and a layer of rock. Container gardens need a lightweight soil mix so your plant roots get the right balance of air and water. Packaged potting soil from your local garden center is a good choice.
  • Choose your plants. Once you have your containers and growing medium ready, you can add your plants. Certain plants grow better in containers than others. Lettuce, peppers, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pole beans all grow well inside containers.
  • Maintain your garden. Your biggest concern with your container garden will be water. Containers can dry out very quickly, and you may have to water your plants every day. You can add a water-soluble fertilizer to your plants, but be careful not to over-fertilize. Make sure your plants get enough sunlight, and move the containers around as you need to.

Container gardening is just one way to enjoy the condo lifestyle. I can help you find a condo with the perfect patio.

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