Idaho Winter Adventures | Boise Real Estate

By: Brent Hanson

Idaho Winter Adventures | Boise Idaho

Due to our mountainous landscape and our northern latitude, those of us who have lived in the Treasure Valley long enough quickly learn to appreciate our unique outdoor access and proximity to recreational amenities. In the summer, many nearby rivers, public foothill hiking trails and easy to reach reservoirs provide a respite of fun and adventure right at our very fingertips. But one of our best kept secrets is revealed once that powdery white stuff hits the pavement and the mercury drops in a hurry, as in close-in winter wonderlands that abound and are guaranteed to put a little sparkle in your eyes and a return to your childhood memories of yesteryear.

Here are a couple of winter retreats that will have you too praying for snow:

If you are one who seeks wild adventure on a rustic scale, complete with the traditional jingle of sleigh bells, cozy blankets and a canopy of brilliant stars then check out Bogus Creek Outfitters and be prepared to be smitten with your new favorite tradition; winter sleigh rides. That’s right! You can recapture the more nostalgic traditions of winters when a simple sleigh ride and the company of a loved one was a intrinsic part of celebrating the winter season. Here your winter adventure begins at the top of Bogus Basin mountain and winds its way through the Boise National Forest. You may have to snuggle up a bit with your significant other or perhaps share the warmth of the adventure with your own children as they take a trip through an enchanted winter forest. At the end of it all you reach a cozy cabin filled with delicious home-cooked meals, hot drinks and an evening of music, cowboy poetry and memories for years to come.

Perhaps a sleigh ride isn’t quite the way you want to spend your winter days, after all, you do love and appreciate the snow, you just prefer to admire it from a cozy distance. If this sounds at all like your idea of a wintry day, then perhaps a ride on the Thunder Mountain Line is tailored made for you. Located nearby Horseshoe Bend, these vintage trains hearken to a simpler period of time, when train travel was not merely about getting from point A to point B. Take this little journey and indulge in your inner adventurer. Choose from the Santa Express where you and the little ones can visit Santa in Montour or the Holiday Dinner Train a more adult-oriented venue with dinner and a glass of good cheer to celebrate the holidays! All while being captivated by the beautiful snowy mountain landscapes!


Either way, these winter excursions promise to wipe the glowers from a gloomy wintry day.  Better yet, they are both located within an hour from the Treasure Valley, just make sure to call ahead to make reservations.

You don’t want to miss out on the jingle of sleigh bells, clopping hooves and the drift of gentle flake or those swaying motions and rhythmic train wheels from antique trains car as they carry you along a scenic byway and reveal a true winter wonderland just around the corner.

Embrace the Idaho winter and all it affords, you’ll be glad you did.