Hunter Craig

Client Coordinator


Introducing Hunter Craig, a promising Realtor, who within a month of dedicated experience under his belt, quickly signed 3 contracts & got 1 listing pending. Hunter’s journey with City of Trees was inspired by his father’s remarkable success in real estate and the incredible community of professionals here.

Hunter’s decision to pursue a career in real estate was fueled by his enthusiasm for continuous learning. He recognizes the boundless opportunities for growth and is grateful for the exceptional mentors guiding his path.

In the real estate industry, Hunter’s favorite aspect is the opportunity it presents for anyone willing to work hard and achieve remarkable results. Despite graduating from high school just a year ago, he’s eager to embrace the challenges and rewards of this dynamic field.

While Hunter may lack previous sales or real estate experience, he compensates with his logical thinking and perfectionist mindset. He believes that his ability to connect with people, despite being reserved and not very social, is a superpower in its own right.

Family is a cornerstone of Hunter’s life, with two younger brothers, Preston (18) and Jack (11). His parents, at 40 and 39, have been instrumental in shaping his journey. His mother, a former government worker turned stay-at-home mom, and his father, a successful Realtor, have played vital roles in his upbringing.

Outside of his burgeoning real estate career, Hunter enjoys staying active. Whether it’s hitting the gym, playing football, wrestling, or exploring jiu-jitsu and boxing, he embraces the physical challenges life has to offer.

A Boise native born and raised, Hunter’s deep connection to his community spans 19 years. He cherishes the safety, friendliness, and courteous drivers that set his hometown apart from other places.

To give back to his community, Hunter coaches junior optimist tackle football for his younger brother’s team, boasting a perfect 3-0 record. He takes pride in being part of these young athletes’ journeys and witnessing their growth on and off the field, showcasing his commitment to the community he holds dear.