Ty Pentecost

Client Coordinator


Meet Tyrenda Pentecost, a dynamic individual on a mission to make a lasting impact. While she hasn’t been a Realtor for long, Tyrenda’s journey with City of Trees is motivated by her desire to be part of a focused, driven team that knows how to have fun.

For Tyrenda, a career in real estate is a means to change her family’s financial trajectory. Her favorite aspect of the real estate industry is helping others create generational wealth through homeownership and investments.

Educationally, Tyrenda boasts credits from both Fresno State and Boise State, with graduation on the horizon. Her previous roles as a mortgage lender for a decade and a real estate recruiter have laid the foundation for her successful real estate journey.

In her free time, Tyrenda wears many hats – a track coach, fitness enthusiast on a weight loss journey, a lover of weight lifting, and a passionate potter. She’s been an active member of her community for two years, cherishing the bond she shares with her neighbors.

Family is at the heart of Tyrenda’s life, with a husband named Craig, a son Todd, two exchange daughters, Ona and Angy, and a furry family that includes Samson, Rico, and a cat named Pumpkin.

Tyrenda’s authentic superpower lies in connecting with others. In her, you’ll find a Realtor dedicated to creating lasting change, not just for her family but for all those she helps along the way.