How to use 100 Pennies to buy Boise Real Estate

By: Brent Hanson

After working with many real estate buyers I have noticed that each buyer purchasing a home to live in as an owner occupant has a basic understanding of the home they are looking for. They enter the process of buying a home with a clear idea of the location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage they desire. What is left undefined are many of the other amenities that are part of the inherent definition of “home” to each of these unique buyers. One particular buyer may be especially attracted to homes with a manicured green grass lawn while the other finds homes with a fireplace to feel right. After seeing many homes these underlying needs become clear to me, as an outside party,and I am able to narrow the focus to include these in the search, saving time and energy by skipping listings that will not provide the “bright eyes” I look for when my buyers find their perfect home.

It’s not that these buyers haven’t spent time discussing their future home with each other. Often they haven’t identified their underlying needs. It may never have occurred to a first time home buyer that a green grass lawn is part of their definition of home or that having a place to hang stockings for Santa just like their childhood home had makes a difference. Once given the idea to look beyond the basic features buyers can come to a deeper understanding of what it is that will make everyone experience that Home Sweet Home feeling of the perfect house. If you want to come to that deeper understanding of your needs and the needs of others why not try this activity suggested by a friend who specializes in communication.

100 Pennies To Understanding: You will Need 100 Pennies and a stack of note cards. First start by defining what amenities or features you need in your home. Consider what you remember about your childhood home, what you like about homes you have been in or seen. List your needs separately, one on each note card. After you have completed your needs take the pennies and assign each need a value. You must use up all 100 pennies – no more, no less. This may take time. You may need to break this up into a few sessions. Don’t rush! Allow yourself the time and space to be honest. Once both buyers have completed this activity come together and share your results with each other and your Realtor.